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Brexit Party Welsh Assembly group to be set up

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Nigel Farage (second left) welcomes the AMs who want to join his party

Nigel Farage has announced that four AMs are planning to form a Brexit Party group in the Welsh Assembly.

He announced Mark Reckless as the party leader, on a visit to Cardiff Bay.

Other members include Mandy Jones, Caroline Jones and David Rowlands. UKIP confirmed Mr Rowlands had resigned from its group in the Senedd – meaning the party no longer has a Senedd group.

Mr Farage said: “The leavers in Wales are all coming back together again, no more divided tribe.

“I’m very pleased as a leader of the Brexit Party to welcome four members of the Welsh Assembly who will now re-designate as of this afternoon as Brexit Party members”.

Mark Reckless told a press conference on the Senedd steps: “Brexit is being blocked and the Brexit Party group in the Welsh Assembly from today will be supporting Nigel Farage, supporting the Brexit Party in everything that they are doing to protect our democracy and to ensure that Brexit is delivered.”

The group of four wrote to the presiding officer to request they form a Brexit Party group “with immediate effect”, with Mr Reckless as leader and Mr Rowlands resigning from UKIP.

An assembly commission spokeswoman confirmed that the request is under consideration.

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