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Daniel Hegarty: Ex-soldier to be charged with 1972 murder

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Daniel Hegarty, 15, was shot dead by a soldier during Operation Motorman in 1972

A former soldier is to be charged with murdering a teenager, who was shot twice in the head in Londonderry during the Northern Ireland Troubles.

Fifteen-year-old Daniel Hegarty was killed in an Army operation near his home in the Creggan in July 1972.

Last year, the High Court ruled a decision not to prosecute, taken in 2016, was based on “flawed” reasoning.

The Army veteran, known as Soldier B, will also face a second charge of wounding the teenager’s cousin.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Stephen Herron, informed the Hegarty family of developments at a private meeting.

He conducted a review of the case following the court ruling.

Mr Herron said he believed the evidence “is sufficient to provide a reasonable prospect of conviction”.

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Operation Motorman was then the largest British military operation since the Suez Crisis of 1956

In reaching the decision, he added that he had taken Soldier B’s ill health into consideration.

An inquest in 2011 found Daniel Hegarty posed no risk and was shot without warning as the Army moved in to clear “no-go” areas during Operation Motorman.

His cousin, Christopher Hegarty, 17, was also shot in the head by the same soldier, but survived.

In respect of the older youth, Soldier B will face a charge of wounding with intent.

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