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Missing dog Canela found at RAF St Athan airfield

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Rescue dog Canela had only been with her family for a day before being spooked on a walk and slipping off her lead

A dog who went missing for 20 days has been found after she managed to make her way into an RAF airfield.

Spanish podenco Canela slipped off her lead on a walk near Pontypridd on 15 December.

More than 30 volunteers were involved in searches following several sightings, placing traps and cameras.

A Ministry of Defence (MOD) spokesperson confirmed that a dog which had been reported missing was found at RAF St Athan.

When owners John and Louise Evans heard she had been hit several times by cars and had not been seen in days, they worried she had died of her injuries.

Fearing the worst, they searched ditches and bogs for her body – before Canela was spotted on RAF St Athan airfield chasing a swallow “galloping around with a huge smile on her face”, Mrs Evans said.

With one of the sightings being on the beach, and Canela then finding her way to an airfield, Mrs Evans said: “I thought ‘she’s trying to get back to Spain, to warmer climates’.”

Having traced her journey around south Wales, the family calculated Canela travelled more than 100 miles in total.

An MOD spokesperson said: “The dog did not cause any disruption to flying and has now been reunited with its owner.”

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Canela was a surprise birthday present – but Louise Evans said her disappearance ruined two birthdays, Christmas and New Year

Canela, a rescue dog from Spain, had only been adopted by the family one day before her escape – as a 50th birthday present for Mr Evans.

Mrs Evans said the 20 days Canela was missing – which included her husband’s birthday, Christmas, New Year and their daughter’s birthday – had been “torture”.

“It’s been quite horrid, chasing after her, chasing her tail.”

But she said she had been overwhelmed by the help given by strangers and volunteers from Canine Rescue, who were on call for the family over the Christmas period and “held my hand through this”.

“I’m humbled by the compassion and thoughtfulness of people, I feel hugged,” Mrs Evans added.

She added the fox population “is thriving” due to all the organic chicken and fish she had put down to try and lure Canela out of hiding.

Canela is now home with her family and in good shape after her adventure.

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